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Diogo Machado <di...@diogomachado.com> wrote:

> Hi, I'm necessity rollback 2 commits, I try:
> git reset --hard HEAD~2
> Now, how can I synchronize with my remote repository?

Depends on how do you specify "synchronize".

Do you want to send the updated contents of your local branch to update
(overwrite) some branch in a remote repository?
If yes, do

git push -f <remote> localbranch:remotebranch


git push <remote> +localbranch:remotebranch

or just one of

git push -f <remote> localbranch
git push <remote> +localbranch

if the name to update/overwrite in the remote repository is the same as
in the local one.

The idea is that the "-f" command-line option ("--force" is its full
name) forces updating.  A "+" sign before the so-called refspec --
the specification of what to update with what means the same thing: to
force the update.

Forcing is needed because by default Git forbirds updating a branch with
the history if the new history does not wholly contain the old one.
In case you chopped off a number of commits falls into the same class
of scenario: the new history graph is not a strict superset of the old

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