I'm in the process of moving to Git. Mostly I am very happy but I figure 
out, or find a reference anywhere, of how you deal with multiple 
dependencies in Git. 

My problem: suppose that I have two independent branches A and B, which may 
not even touch the same files. Now I start a new development branch C which 
wants to use features from different commits in A and B. I'd like C to to 
branch off BOTH A and B. I'm not sure that I can draw these fancy branch 
diagrams to the standards of this group, but the situation looks something 
like this:

*--*--*--*--...--* master
    |   \-*--*--*--* A
               |         |-*--*--*--* C
               |-*--*--*--*--*--* B

Is it possible to do something like this in Git? Am I missing something 

To me this seems to be a fairly common scenario, but perhaps it's just 


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