In the documentation:

It mentions this:

"you can run git fetch teamone to fetch everything the remote teamoneserver has 
that you don’t have yet. Because that server has a subset of the 
data your origin server has right now, Git fetches no data but sets a 
remote branch called teamone/master to point to the commit that teamone has 
as its master branch"

What does it mean "subset of the data"? Let's say I have one remote 
repository called origin and my local copy points to origin/master. Then I 
run git remote add teamone git://, which adds a 
second remote repository. So now I have a remote repository at 
origin/master and a remote repository pointing at teamone/master. Yet I 
only have one local master copy. Is that one local master going to be 
affected by the two remotes when I run something like git fetch 
origin/master or git fetch teamone/master? If so, then I assume that means 
those two remotes must be in effect the SAME project, because obviously you 
don't want your local master to be pieces of two totally different 
projects. Is this correct?

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