We have the following server infrastructure:

- 2 load balanced production webserver  (IIS, Windows Server)
- 1 development webserver (IIS, Windows Server)

At the moment we develop and test on the dev-server and then deploy to each 
of the production servers. We still use svn for versioning but we really 
want to go GIT.
Problem is, that we have only one working directory. 

Workflow now is: coding in the working dir on testserver, comitting to svn, 
ftp to production servers. But we are 3-4 developer, so if one feature is 
not ready yet, it can not be deployed to production servers.
So developing new features is difficult now as far as we can not branch 
them properly.

Any ideas on this?

In have something like this in my mind:

Every dev has ist own working dir on the testserver. So we have one Website 
running for each developer. When finishing a feature (or other) then a push 
to the bare Git repo is done and with this, a hook updates into the main 
working directory - this will be deployed then to the production servers. 
Is this useful? Sounds quite comlicated... ;-)
Any ideas on that?

Thanks and greetings, 

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