On Tue, Nov 19, 2013 at 07:47:38PM -0800, Алексей Баранов wrote:
> I'm voting for a new Git feature. Git repo inside subfolder of
> another Git repo should be separate one WHEN THIS SUBFOLDER IGNORED
> (.gitignore) BY PARENT REPO.
> /Main site 
>     /.git    -  repo of Main site
>     .gitingore   (/vendor/)   - subfolder vendor ignored by Git
>     /vendor    -  ignored subfolder
>         /alexey_baranov
>             /mylib1    - I would like to commit/push/pull this lib rhight 
> from hire
>                 /.git
>             /bylib2     - I would like to commit/push/pull this lib rhight 
> from hire
>                 /.git
> This would very halpfull because exactly same fs structure created
> by composer (php package dependence utility) And I would like to
> commit my libs right from mine site. I do not see any troubles with
> this when folder ignored by parent Git repo.

I might not understand what you mean, but doesn't it already work this

I have my $HOME in git and from what I understand I have exactly what
you describe above:

  .gitignore (contains 'devo/')

All git commands executed in $HOME/devo/proj1 only affects the git
repo rooted there:

  % cd $HOME
  % git ls-files | wc -l
  % cd $HOME/devo/proj1
  % git ls-files | wc -l


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