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Rajesh Varatharajan <rajesh.bruz...@gmail.com> wrote:

>             I am new to GIT version tool, I have a lot of queries in
> using GIT. Can anyone reply my Answer?
> My Questions are:
>           1. IS GIT have Client-Server Archietecture?
>           2. If So,Can I install GIT Server and Client?
>           3. can i able to Install GIT server on Ubuntu and Client on 
> Windows 7.

While John's answer is technically correct, most people *do* use a
centralized repository when working with Git -- but it's rather a
"rendez-vouz" or "reference" repository.  Unfortunately, understanding
how such centralized repositories fit the distributed model of
development sported by Git is hard.  So I very much advise you to read
this [1] long post by the Git's initial creator in which he explains to
KDE folks what's the deal with shared repositories in Git model.
This post deals with using Git at scale -- on a project with hundreds
of developers working on a set of projects comprising zillions
of SLoC, -- but thiking about his reasoning actually helps freeing
one's mind from the chores instilled upon it by centralized SCMs.

1. http://lwn.net/Articles/246381/

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