What would be the simplest approach in git (I'm using SourceTree) to do the 

* Check out current working code on main branch to another PC (PC2) on our 
home network (my Mac can see the Windows PC file system)
* Person 2 (non developer) edits on PC2, then tells me when they've finished
* Then best way me me to bring back/review/merge their changes, noting I 
would have made changes in parallel

Oh, and may as well ask:
* Whilst Person 2 is working on PC2, is there an easy way to push my latest 
changes out to it (would need to have the ability to review/merge I guess)

* I was hoping to be able to do this all from PC1 (well Macbook actually) 
using SourceTree.   Perhaps I need to create a separate Git project(?) in 
source tree in the file system area of PC2 and then use this separate 
SourceTree window?


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