Hi git users, 
I want to use a git-Repository to handle a folder with lot of documents 
(.pdf...) needed for manufacturing of my companys products (technical 
drawings, Gerber-Files for PCB Manufacturing and so on).  
Because the data is mainly binary (.pdf) and the size of the Folder is very 
large (>1GB), I thougt of a workflow git is probably not made for (to avoid 
everybody who wants to change something has to clone the repository).
The basic idea is to have a work area with a git repository on the 
company's network. To this work area (directory) all employees have read 
access and only the development department has write access. To have an 
history of who changed what and when I would like to use git on this 
Is it a problem when more than one client (developer) makes commits to this 
one workarea/repository? The access to the repository is by file protocol, 
so the git-commands would be executed on the local computer of the 
Is the git-Repository locked while one command is active? Or can the 
database get corrupted when two developers start commands simultaneously on 
the repository?
Would be nice to hear your opinion about this workflow.
Best regards, Mario

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