On Wednesday, November 27, 2013 11:31:00 AM UTC+1, Tim Schofield wrote:
> I remember hearing a mention on Thomas's excellent podcast about using 
> git as an issue tracker but never had time to follow it up. Does 
> anybody know anything about that? 
Thanks for the kind mention :)  

Here's the old classic git-based issue tracker:

https://github.com/schacon/ticgit - with all its forks and descendants. Not 
sure which ones are the most active.

Here's a couple of other ones I came across when quickly googling:

* http://thechangelog.com/gaskit-git-backed-issue-tracker/
* https://github.com/duplys/git-issues

You could also do something like Emacs' org-mode in a text file that's 
checked in, but you're bound to get some conflicts in an active project, 
since it's all in one file (maybe org-mode can work on many files, don't 

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