I've had git running on my machine for over a year. I have a folder in my C 
root called gitRepo, which contains all my various repos. For some reason, 
for one repo only, the git bash command is suddenly missing from the 
right-click context menu. Here's a screenshot from a working repo (link 
<http://www.flickr.com/photos/hookedbyesther/11191771486/>to bigger pic)


And here's the "non-working" repo 
(link<http://www.flickr.com/photos/hookedbyesther/11191881053/>to bigger pic)

The git bash command is missing from the non-working one. (Yes, I know I 
can open a bash window from the working one, and then just use cd ../ to 
change directories so I'm in the correct repo, but that's just asking for 
trouble, as I frequently have bash windows open for multiple repos.)

What isn't visible in the screenshot is that the entire top menu chunk 
(Open - Play with VLC media player) is also missing from the "bad" repo; 
the only item available in that top chunk is 7-Zip.

What could have caused this, and how do I get the entry back?

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