Hi guys,

I am pretty new to git, but I have found that it doesn't work as I would 

I work sometimes from my laptop and other times from my desktop, each 
having a local git repository.
I have set up a remote, which I push the changes from my branches to.

Now, what I would expect is something like this, where each letter 
represents the code of a commit.

Desktop A--B          C
                   \         /
Remote        B      C 
                     \     /
Laptop            B--C   

1. A = Initial commit on local repository
2. B = commit some changes
3. B = changes pushed to remote
4. B = code pulled from remote to laptop
5. C = commit some changes made on laptop
6. C = push changes from laptop to Remote
7. C = pull changes from remote back to original branch on desktop.

The command I used for step 7 was: git pull <remote> <branch>

What I would expect is the code now on the desktop would be the same as 
what was on the laptop...however, I found that some kind of merge was 
happening and conflicts, but shouldn't it just be a fast forward?
Note, I did not make any changes on the desktop from the time I pushed to 
the remote to the time I pulled back down, but even if I did, I would 
expect the merge to work, but I don't have much faith in it at the moment 
due to my limited experience.

There's probably an easier way to achieve what I am doing, but hoping 
someone can provide some guidance?

Thanks in advance.

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