On Friday, December 6, 2013 10:48:29 PM UTC-5, Phillip Tutt wrote:
> For sure.  This is where I was fumbling to try to get it all working:
> 1. I set up a repository on the desktop, with the "Git init here" context 
> menu on the folder 
> 2. I add code and commited:
>   git add . --all
>   git commit -m " some comment"
> 3. On thing to note is I don't have a master branch...'master' didn't make 
> much sense to me, I have a release branch and feature branches.  At the 
> moment I am working in the feature branch 'admintemplate' with the view to 
> merge it into the release branch when it is ready.
> 4. I installed gitblit on my thecus NAS and set up a repository using the 
> gitblit 
> 5. I created the remote:
> git remote add thecus <url provided by gitblit>
> 6. I pushed the Desktop code to the Remote:
> git push thecus admintemplate
> 7. I created a git repository on the Laptop using "Git init here"

This should have been a

git clone <url provided by gitblit>
git checkout admintemplate

Because this will make sure you have the same base commit to start before 
the "pull" (for next time). You then simply skip the next step (git add 

> 8. I then added the remote to the Laptop (as in step 5. above)
> 9. I think I just did a pull to get the code from the remote to the Laptop:
> git pull thecus admintemplate
> 10. Modified code on the Laptop, pushed back to the remote.
> 11. Performed a pull from the remote to the Desktop...and that's when I 
> got the merge conflicts:
> git pull thecus admintemplate
> Where I feel unsure is about tracking and cloning...I have read the basic 
> docs but my understanding is not deep enough to know exactly what is going 
> on under the hood.
> I set up the remote with the following:
> git remote add thecus 
Hope this helps.


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