On Thu, 12 Dec 2013 03:05:14 -0800
thufir <hawat.thu...@gmail.com> wrote:

> thufir@dur:~/NetBeansProjects/MudSocketClient$
> thufir@dur:~/NetBeansProjects/MudSocketClient$ git branch
> * 001try_in_thread
>    master
> thufir@dur:~/NetBeansProjects/MudSocketClient$
> thufir@dur:~/NetBeansProjects/MudSocketClient$ git merge master
> Already up-to-date.
> Now, how do I get the changes I made in the branch back into the
> master branch?

You tried to did the reverse -- merge the branch "master" into
"001try_in_thread".  Since the latter is (supposedly) based on "master"
and is its direct descendant, an attempt to re-merge "master"
rightfully tells you there's nothing to do.

When you want to merge B into A, A must be checked out, not B.
In other words, `git merge <branch>` means "please merge <branch> *into*
whatever I currently have checked out".

The reason is that "true" merge (as opposed to the so-called
"fast-forward" merge which is not really a merge but rather merely
moving the branch pointer forward) might generate conflicts and the
only sensible way to handle such conflicts is to use the work tree and
the index to shape out the correct state of files to create the merge
commit from.

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