On Wednesday, December 18, 2013 11:18:10 AM UTC+1, THUFIR HAWAT wrote:
> It seems potentially problematic to commit a single source code file, and 
> not all source code.  Potentially, for example in Java, the project might 
> not even compile.  
> What circumstance(s) would a single necessitate a single file commit?

Some times you just want to change one file. Then you just commit a single 
file. Probably you do this by first staging/indexing the file in question 
with git add [filename].

If you want to test whether your Java project compiles with the 
staged/indexed changes alone, disregarding other changes in the working 
directory, it's wise to first do a git stash save --keep-index and run 

If all looks good, you commit, and afterwards run git stash pop to get the 
other changes back to the working directory.

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