On 12/19/13 09:10, Jagadeesh N. Malakannavar wrote:

May I know how to delete one intermidate commit?
For ex: git one line log

c4ab7b9 commit 6
a2396a2 commit 5
85020f2 commit 4
8779285 commit 3
4c0b83b commit 2
4498573 commit 1

I want to delete
8779285 commit 3

how to do that?

Others have already suggested rebasing, but if you just want to revert the changes made in that commit you can use "git revert <commit>":

git checkout c4ab7b9
git revert 8779285

A new commit (7) will be created after commit 6. I have not actually used it personally yet, but I assume this is what Gerrit uses to revert changes.


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