Dear All,
I'm working in a company with private apt thus I can only install git v1.5 
using apt-get, and I find I cannot use https to clone git repository, while 
the reason I think is my low version git.
I downloaded the v1.8.5 (the lastest one in then I tried to compile 
it using "sudo make prefix=/usr/local all".
I got lots of errors and in fact those errors mean one thing that I don't 
have curl.h there,
 I googled here
it really a good solution that I decide to download curl dev rpm, but it's 
proved a nightmare,  when I want to install curl (libcurl) it showed it 
dependend so many other libs!
Must I dowanload each of libs and make them then install libcurl, then git 

I wonder whether there is an executable latest git version for Redhat RHEL5 
x86_64, thanks in advance!


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