The problem came about because I had two files with names that different 
only by case
(one was, the other  Windows file system is case 
so that causes a collision when cloning.  The solution was to rename one of 
the files.

On Friday, December 20, 2013 9:07:47 AM UTC-8, wrote:
> I normally use git on linux, though I have an installation on a Windows 7 
> laptop.
> When using it yesterday to clone a repository on my linux machine, the 
> clone
> would open with one of the files modified.  I could not undo the 
> modification. 
> Repeated cloning would do the same thing.  I then tried cloning from the 
> original
> repo, but using a linux partition on that laptop.  It worked fine.  Any 
> idea why the
> Windows git doesn't work?   

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