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shlo.af...@gmail.com wrote:

> I'm trying to build Git hosting server for a group of people.
> 1.  I see there are Git hosting that give ability to users to create
> and manage their repositories. 
>      I want to give user ability to create and manage their
> repository only using http. But in the instruction of http protocol,
> user with write privileges must login in order to create the
> repositories. Is it can work with http protocol or it must be with
> ssh?

Note that Git itself is not at all concerned with how repositories are
managed and how access to them is provided and controlled (separation
of concerns).

> 2.  I would like get recommendation about a software if exist.
>      Is there any software, I can use, that give the ability to see
> weby and/or visually view  status of repositories on the GIt server,
> without cloning or pulling a snapshot from the git server to my local
> machine and without login to the git server?

Unless you want to create a simple CGI solution by hand,
try one of server-side Git front-ends providing turn-key solutions for
Git hosting mentioned, for instance, here:

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