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"Jagadeesh N. Malakannavar" <mnjagade...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello, I have branch structres something like this
>                     /
>                    / rel-1
> ------------------/--------------------/-              <top of tree
>                                       /
>                                      /   < rel-2
> I have made some commits on rel-1. After some months I branched out
> rel-2. How do I make sure that commits I made on rel-1 is in rel-2?
> Just want to list out all missing commits on rel-2.

That's a philosophical question rather than technical.

You used the word "branched", and this means all the commits reachable
from the head "rel-1" are also reachable from the head "rel-2".
This means a simple (technical) answer to your question is "yes, rel-2
contains all commits from rel-1, by definition".

If you implied, without spelling that, that rel-1 *moved* since the
point both branches diverged, then the answer is "use git-log":

The call

  git log rel-1 ^rel-2

or, spelling the same the other way,

  git log rel-2..rel-1

would show the commits reachable from rel-1 but not reachable from
(To get better grasp on the idea of this read the section "SPECIFYING
RANGES" in the git-rev-parse manual page.)

Note that using this approach implies that rel-1 is periodically
re-merged (re-integrated) to rel-2 (or back).  If you, instead, just
cherry-picked a random commits from rel-1 to rel-2, they won't be
noticed by the `git log` (and `git merge-base`, which it uses)
machinery as it's only concerned with graphs of commits, and
cherry-picked commits do not contain any meta information about where
they came from, and do not mean joining of histories anyway.

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