I'am new to git and I couldn't find answers anywhere for my questions so 
here I'am.

1. When I create local repository i.e for my own "framework" and then I 
build websites based on this framwerok, these websties should be different 

2. I'am web developer, so my projects are stored in htdocs folder. Where 
should be my local repository with master branch localized? In htdocs or 
for example in c:\repos\

3. I want to create different branches of my main framework repository 
because each website will be a little bit different. Some core changes my 
be applied to my framework depending on branch. Let me give you an example. 
I created branch "my new website" and now I want to work on it so I have to 
download it to my htdocs folder. Can I clone only this branch to htdocs 
folder or should I clone all repository?

4. When I open folder "htdocs/my new website" and I switch to different 
branch then all files in project are changed. This is pointless for me 
because each project has different vhost config and config files. So when I 
switch to another branch and type in my browser "my_new_website.local" 
errors will occur. Can I prevent this or I just  cannot switch branches in 
my working copy folders ?

Thanks for help!

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