Dear git experts,

May i ask for help on how to set the following?

Goal : setup 2 git (gitolite) servers and regularly (auto script) sync them.

*) 1 main git server in the main office in town A.
*) There is a small office in town B :
    -) which has VPN link (slow and we dont want to rely heavily on the vpn
connection) to main office in town A
   -) small grup of people
   -) we want to set up new dedicated machine as git (gitolite) server
which will be the mirror of git server in main office (town A). It will
have exact copy of all repos on server in main office.
   -) people in town B will use their local server to get the git repos
*) Automatic and regularly, we want to sync ALL the git repos on both
   (any changes to any repo in main office, should be update to server in
town B and vice versa).

How to achieve this using the existing git feature (not using linux
features such as rsync, sync script, etc)?



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