On Friday, January 10, 2014 3:12:37 PM UTC+1, Rev. Brian O'keefe wrote:
> I'm trying to wrap my head around Git and I'm really hoping this is the 
> place to go to to do that.

Yes, I'd say so :)

> I'm going to be working with an ESRI Flex Map system. I will have one 
> server where the web files reside (html, xml, png, swf, js, etc). Then 
> there will be my computer.
> Please correct me if I am wrong, but how I picture this going is as 
> follows:
> *On the Web Server:*
> I will create a repository. Let's call it "*Mothership*"
> This repo is where the original files are. Nobody opens these files.
> *On the Web Server:*
> Then I create another repo, let's call it "*LiveSite*"
> This repo is where the files reside after all approved edits have happened.
> *On My Desktop:*
> Then I create a repo called "*MyEdits*"
> This repo is where I do my editing.
> Please correct me if I am wrong, but how I picture my workflow is as 
> follows:
> *Editing Session Begins.*
> *git pull* from into *MyEdits* whatever resides in *Mothership*.
> Edit my files.
> *git commit*
> *git push* from *MyEdits* to *Mothership* -(?)
> *git push* from *Mothership* to *LiveSite* -(?)

This sounds like the right train of thought, but there are a few problems:

You can't push from Mothership to LiveSite. You have to *pull *from 
Mothership to LiveSite.

The reason for this is that Mothership (what many people would term as 
being the central repository in this case), is a *bare repository *(meaning 
that it doesn't actually have the latest files lying around as physical 
files, it is more like a database that contains all the history with all 
the changes of a file. The LiveSite repository is a *non-bare repository*, 
meaning that in addition to the database, it also has the files "checked 
out". And when you push to a repository, it only updates the database, not 
the files in the working directory. Hence, pushing to non-bare repositories 
is disallowed by default in Git.


> Here is where I get confused? Do I branch? 

Unless you have some requirements for special workflow or versioning, you 
should just have one branch everywhere called "master" (default branch name 
in Git).

> Can I push from MyEdits to Mothership or do I need to go to Mothership and 
> pull? 

Discussed above.

> Can I sync up Mothership and LiveSite from MY desktop? 

You can push to the Mothership from your desktop (or any other clone), 
because it is a bare repository.

> Do I need a Mothership or does Git allow me to just have a LiveSite and 
> branch or pull from that for editing? Confused still... help?

Good question. There are a lot of ways to do this (and the way we have 
discussed above should work for you), but the most useful/typical aspects 
have been discussed here: 


If you read it closely, you'll see that your plan comes close to "1.4.2 
fetch -- reverse the flow", albeit they recommend a slightly safer 
technique (use fetch with reset instead of pull).

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