as always..great info with details and all. couldn't ask for more..:-). I 
will check all the points you mentioned to see what works best for me.

few notes though:

1) I think the tip commit is good enough for me as I care about what will 
finally gets to the ci/cd environment, not what comes in between. I know 
that one can tag any commit in between and others can pull and use it, but 
chances are low here, but I need to think about it a little further. I may 
also decide to traverse through all the commits after all.

2) I think I can ignore deleted files and not run the check on these, hence 
it will not fail on this, isn't it ?

3) the string can exist in several places in the file. I want to verify all 
it's phases are correct, so if under some tag - <version> for example, the 
string is correct, it might be <version>wrong string<version> in another 
place. this one I couldn't figure out yet how to handle.I know however that 
the string must appear in the file at least once, but how to verify all the 
phases are ok..?


On Tuesday, January 14, 2014 12:13:18 PM UTC+2, Gabby Romano wrote:
> Hi team,
> I am looking for a way to check for the existence in an exact format of 
> some string in xml files, and if this string is changing in *any way*, to 
> reject the push. 
> I was thinking of checking the diff to check if this string is 
> participating in it, and to verify it is not out of the file. there is also 
> the case of new files, in which there is no previous version but a real 
> content check needs to be done.
> I will appreciate your opinion on it - am I in the right direction here or 
> there is a much better way to handle this.
> Thanks,
> Gabby.

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