Thanks a lot for your answer, Thomas!
Indeed it's very interesting which different strategies exist to handle 
such cases.

Of course, there are questions left :-):

Let's think about that case:
Extenso version 1.0 works with Wordpress 2.0
Extenso version 1.1 works with Wordpress 2.1 (not with Wordpress 2.0! as it 
uses some new features of Wordpress 2.1)

Now people discover a bug when working with Extenso version 1.0.
As I promised to maintain this version (as many users still use Wordpress 
2.0), I need to fix this bug in the old version.
That's where version control and branching come into the game, no?

Am Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2014 09:03:07 UTC+1 schrieb Antje Janosch:
> Hello,
> I only did basic stuff with git so far (not even branching), but now I 
> need to solve this:
> I have a repository on github with some software development. This stuff 
> is an extension for another software. Now, I'd like to create a branch for 
> each release of this other software to ensure that my development fits with 
> a certain version of this other software.
> How would I have to do it (I'm using eGit in Eclipse)?
> I read bits and pieces about remote tracking branches. But I don't really 
> get if that is what I need...
> Can anybody help?

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