Hi All,
       I have a personal branch of the master branch and work in my 
personal branch. Once I have a feature ready in my branch, I pull the 
latest from the master branch(which is updated by other users as well), and 
then merge the latest to my branch then push my branch to master (I know it 
is confusing. Let me explain step by step).

1) I make multiple changes on Local branch, which has multiple changes 
spanning over multiple days.
2) Once I feel the feature I work on is ready to be pushed to master, I 
decide to push it to master.
3) Update my local branch of master (git pull). This will have changes 
pushed by other users to the master
4) Merge the master to my local branch (git merge master )
5) Push my local branch to repository.
6) Merge local branch to local master (git merge localBranch)
7) Push local master to repository.

                     Now the problem, I have is in the master branch, all 
the commits from my local branch are spread out in a chronological order 
(in between changes others have made). So after few days, if I want to 
trace the change I made, it is quite hard. Is it possible to have the merge 
to the master as a single commit, so that I can just look at the single 
commit which has all the commits in my local branch (and also see all the 
files I changed in that merge). I read the description of git merge 
--no-commit. But am not sure whether that is what I am looking for.


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