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Nikos Balkanas <nbalka...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > > I need to check out a revision from a repository, that supports
> > > only git. I don't know much about git, but I am used to svn.
> > > It seems that git first needs s clone before doing anything. And
> > > that clone would be the current version - the wrong one in my
> > > case. After that I do:
> > > git checkout <rev-number>
> > >
> > > I get informed that Head now is pointing the rev-number. I need to
> > > download that revision, and also overwite anything from the
> > > current version, while erasing any extra files or dirs.
> > >
> > > I have tried everything i could find, fetch --all, clean -fd etc.,
> > > but I always ene up with the initial, wrong version.
> > >
> > > What should I do?
> >
> > After you cloned a repository, like with
> >
> >   git clone repo_url target_dir
> >
> > The target directory will contain a subdirectory named ".git"
> > holding the Git object and configuration store (that's what
> > constitutes the local repository), and the directory itself is
> > turned into the so-called "work tree" in Git's terms -- by default
> > `git clone` checks out the tip commit of the default branch of the
> > repository it cloned.
> >
> > Ignoring that bit for the moment, to bring the work tree into the
> > state of the revision you need, you do
> >
> >   cd target_dir
> >   git checkout name_of_revision
> >
> > That "name_of_revision" is a tricky part: it might be the SHA-1
> > name of a particular commit or the name of a branch (in which case
> > it will mean the tip commit at that branch's history) or the name
> > of a tag (in which case it will mean the commit tag points to).  It
> > also might be a special expression but let's pretend it's not your
> > case.
> >
> > Running out `git checkout` *does* remove files and directories from
> > the work tree if and only if they are currently tracked -- that is,
> > present in the commit the work tree's contents is based on.
> > What this means for you?  If HEAD includes (tracks) a file "foo"
> > and a directory "bar", they will be in your work tree unless you've
> > deleted them by hand.  Should now you check out a commit which does
> > not include the file "foo" and the directory "bar", Git will remove
> > them *unless* you have local modifications in the file "foo" or in
> > one of the files under "bar" which are tracked by HEAD.
> >
> > Let's recap: what you do *should* work; without any `git clean` etc.
> > So either you're doing something wrong or your premises are wrong.
> > Please provide more context for us: what's the name of the revision
> > you need, is it a tag or a branch (can be known by correlating this
> > name with what `git branch -a` and `git tag` output) or the SHA-1
> > name of a commit.  What exactly command do you run for checking out?
> > What's the output of running `git status` afterwards?
> >
> Thanks for the fast reply. I am breaking my head over it since
> yesterday :-( Here is the output you asked (State is after clone and
> checkout revision):
> 1) Revision:
> $ git describe --always --abbrev=8 --long
> e9a82163
> $git branch -a
> * (no branch)
> master
> $git tag
> 3.3git

OK, so you have been told to check out a revision by the SHA-1 name of
its commit, and so you did.

Also please answer the most important question: why do you think
something's wrong with your checkout?
And can we please see the result of `git status`?  I'm asking this
because this might shed some light on the issue -- say, it'll list many
modified or missing or untracked files.
May be you'll be able to figure what's wrong just by looking at that

Note that there's still a chance of you have been told to check out a
wrong revision.

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