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> Hello,
> I have got a large Git repo, but on beginning there wasn't a gitignore file,
> so during the time there are a lot of (binary) files which are stored in the
> repository. I have add these files to a gitignore and run git rm to remove
> them, but can I rebase the repo, so that these files are also removed from
> the history? I will shrink the repo size.

What you are asking for is a way to "rewrite history", and if you
search for it you'll find several good resources on how to use `git
filter-branch` which is the command you are looking for.  Beware
though, it's a Swiss Army Knife with nuclear power, run it on backups
of your repo before you use it on the production repo.

You can start here:

You might also be interested in BFG, it's a tool I haven't had a
reason to investigate further yet, but it sounds like it could be a
more friendly option:

Please come back and let us know what you ended up using and how it went.


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