git-archive seems interesting, but alas, I *do* want to deliver a git 
repository, because there will be times (albeit rare) where we may code up 
a quick on-site fix at the customer site, and want to be able to 
conveniently deliver that update back to our shop.  git-bundle is ideally 
suited for that situation, and if I'm just using git to package up the 
source files, I can accomplish the same thing just by removing the .git 
folder.  I'm thinking a series of scripts that makes the necessary shallow 
clones and packages up the resulting repositories is probably going to be 
my best solution, and just dropping the super-repo idea.  It was just a 
convenience thing (there isn't any code in the top-level folder for the 
super-repo to track), so it's looking like that would be providing more 
work than benefit.

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