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> Hi All
> We are tasked to move a code branch named "A" within SVN repo to Git.
> We also have trunk merges going on between "A" and trunk in SVN.
> Is it possible to set up with Git and SVN such that
> 1) Trunk changes in SVN could be propagated to Git version control ?
> If not, how can we resolve this need with an efficient setup ?
> We don't think it is possible but we like to confirm.

There's `git-svn`[1], but it can be a bit of work to set up the
automatic propagation from SVN to git (and back again I guess).  You
might also want to have a look at subgit[2], it's a commercial tool
but it has a rather generous license last time I looked (free for
small projects, even in commercial settings).

For one-off conversions there's also reposurgeon[3].


[1]: Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen has written extensively about using
`git-svn`: http://www.tfnico.com/presentations/git-and-subversion
[2]: http://www.subgit.com/
[3]: http://www.catb.org/esr/reposurgeon/ and if you are interested
there's a Git Minutes episode on Blender's use of it

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