I would like to know the difference between repository and project because 
I am having a hard time setting a Solaris box with SSH access to be a 
repository for several projects I have.  The thing is, I do a init --bare 
on a folder to hold a project.  I make the changes, add, commit, push to 
the server and everything is OK.  Now, that server is the same one that 
runs the java SE (cli) applications, so I want to be able to do a checkout 
to the working folder of the application of a tag, lets say v1.0.  I make 
some updates, create tag v1.1, push updates.  The thing is that with the 
--bare option I can't do a checkout of an specific tag, the only way to do 
a checkout with a --bare option is using checkout-index and I have no 
flexibility on what to checkout using checkout-index.  If I create a 
repository without --bare, I cannot make push, I receive all type of 
errors, about NOT_AUTH, or NOT_ATTEMPTED, all kinds of error.  I was 
looking on the internet for those errors and I get to use --bare option, 
but I get also errors when doing a checkout of a specific tag.  I don't 
know what needs to be done to be able to create a repository, add projects 
to those repositories, and each project should have their own tag(v1.0, 
v.1.1, etc.) and I want to be able to clone a project, work on it, add a 
tag, upload via SSH to my server, then do a checkout of the current tag and 
that's it.  I have been looking everywhere and there is no place that 
explain using Git as simple as I mention.  I appreciate if someone can help 
me with this.  Regards.

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