I have to specify the git-upload-pack with git.  Since there are options in 
the gitconfig file for specifying the upload and receive pack commands on 
the remote side, why do I have to use the -u option with clone?

My gitconfig contains:

[remote "origin"]
   uploadpack = /path/to/server/git-upload-path
   receivepack = /path/to/server/git-receive-path

If I try:

git clone ssh://user@a.b.c.d:/path/to/repo.git

I get the dreaded:

ksh: git-upload-pack: not found

If I include the -u option it works:

git clone -u "/path/to/server/git-upload-path" 
Cloning into 'repo'...

So apparently git is not using the settings in the config file, so why does 
the config file even support such options?


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