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mareb <mrebenti...@comparat.de> wrote:

> > Note that the Git developers perceive Git itself as being *a
> > library* 
> > -- not in the sense of it being a .so file with exported API but in
> > an "older" sense of presenting you with a collection of low-levels
> > sharp tools to call.  All executable files comprising Git are split
> > in two layers--"porcelain" and "plumbing"--with the former being
> > for interactive using and the latter--for usage by other programs.
> > So the programs in the plumbing layer have stable output formats
> > (or support special knobs allowing them to be tailored for the
> > needs of the calling program).  Projects like ikiwiki or gitolite
> > do exactly this and do not rely on a third-party library. 
> >
> Hello Konstantin,
> I did not saw, how to use the Git programs in a "low-level way". The
> Perl projects ikiwiki and gitolite does not help me, to understand,
> how to use the git programs with my C source.

That has nothing to do with Git or Perl, actually: you're supposed to
use whatever is made available by your compiler/libraries/runtime to
run a process and communicate with it using its standard input and
output streams (and exit code).  With plain C it's popen() or a
combination of fork(), exec() and pipe() (that's for POSIX; on other
platforms like Windows you're supposed to use their respective APIs).

If you're doing hardcore C (that is, not assisted with general-purpose
libraries like glib or libapr) you're expected to code the interaction
by hand.  Git does exactly this internally--you could start from reading
the start_command() function in run-command.c and, say, submodule.c for
an example of its usage (actually, running `git grep -Fw start_command`
on the Git's source code checkout yields tons of examples).
If you're using a general-purpose system abstraction library then it
usually comes equipped with the stuff necessary to spawn a process and
communicate with it.

I understand that doing this in C is hard, but doing everything in C is

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