Hi All,
             I need to get the code with Tag1 from repository say 
(Read Only access to this repo)*. I had to make some changes inorder to 
make it work. So I made a folder under my local project which is tracking 
another repository *g...@github.com:B/fullAcces.git. *The problem came when 
I tried to commit the changes I made. I tried using the submodule ""git 
submodule add *g...@github.com:A/readOnly.git* pathToLocalFolder. But for 
some reason the submodule does not clone the code in the branch as 
mentioned in many forums.

Secondly, I think the changes I make to code from readOnly repo, whenever I 
try to push, would go to the *readOnly.git. *Am I right?

How can I track the changes in my repo without bothering the readOnly git?

Thanks in advance,

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