On Friday, February 21, 2014 2:07:58 AM UTC+1, seonguk.baek wrote:
> Hello guys.
> I got strange file.
> I've cherry-picked the commit.
> And Git says :
> ....
> Why this untracked files occurs? 
> And How can I resolve this?

Normally, Git will help you resolve conflicts between two versions of a 
file (local and merge target) by adding changes into the file itself, with 
conflict markers like <<<<<<<<<<< and >>>>>>>>>>>>.

When you attempt to merge commits that include binary files, Git fails at 
changing the files itself, because it's basically not smart enough to 
handle anything beyond text conflicts. So it does the only thing it can do, 
which is present you with the two versions of the conflicting file, side by 
side, and have you choose which one to use.

Consider the file TESTBackup_000_COM.apk.

It's currently available in three versions in your work-tree:

1) test014_1/TESTBackup_000_COM.apk  # I think this is what you had in your 
HEAD version before cherry picking
2) test014_1/TESTBackup_000_COM.apk~HEAD #A backup of HEAD version, so the 
same contents as in the one above
3) test014_1/TESTBackup_000_COM.apk~9693f23 #The version from the commit 
you are cherry picking.

So, now you can 

1) copy the one you want into test014_1/TESTBackup_000_COM.apk
2) git add test014_1/TESTBackup_000_COM.apk # this will mark the conflict 
for this file as being resolved
3) repeat for the other conflicts
4) Clean away any residual conflict files with git clean -f
4) git commit

By the way, I tried recreating the state locally with some PNG files, but 
I'm not able to get these backup files. I just get one file which says 
"both modified". I guess I'm supposed to operate it using `git checkout 
file --theirs|ours`. I'm guessing this is because you're on an older 
version of Git. Could that be? I'm on version

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