On Tue, 25 Feb 2014 03:35:42 -0800 (PST)
edmond Dantes <choua...@googlemail.com> wrote:

> I just converted a Java project from CVS to GIT, and since then I
> receive the following error: error reading commons-logging.jar;
> invalid END header (bad central directory offset).
> Does anyone know how to get rid of the error?

I'd say your repository is corrupt (actually, one of the packfiles is

Hence I advise you to contact Git developers on the main Git list [1].

Be sure to provide them with exact versions of the software you used
(including the OS and H/W architecture) and precise commands you've run.
Making the original repository available somewhere would be a bonus, I
think, as it would made the problem reproducible.

Note that contacting Git developers does only have sense if you've used
one of "official" tools to perform the conversion.  Since you did not
tell us what you have used, it's hard to guess...  I mean, if you, say,
used some converter based on JGit, you would be better off contacting
the maintainters of that conversion tool and JGit, in this order.

1. https://gist.github.com/tfnico/4441562

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