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Jirong Hu <jirong...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I took a quick look at Stash. Do we really need this? This looks like
> a GIT add-on, as it said, GIT repo management tool. It's not GIT,
> right?

AFAIK, there's no proprietary/commertial (re-)implementation of Git.
And there appears to be no enterprise which bases its business on
supporting Git *binaries.*  You might be impressed but the whole
Windows port is being put forward by some five *unpaid* folks in their
fscking free time.  Yes, they have over thousand downloads per day and
still the things are as explained.  I, personally, am really puzzled by
this state of affairs (given the ubuquity of Git as a DVCS tool these
days).  In any case, there's a very good description of this situation
provided by one of the folks behind Git for Windows [1].

As to client-side tooling, I do not really understand your reasoning.
If you're not fine with the fact stock Git (and Git for Windows) are
not commercially supported, just buy any commertial client Git front-end
or a tool like this and get commercial support.  Why are you so fixated
on Git itself?  Say, the Github application uses both Git itself and
the libgit2 library (these projects are not related, and are both FOSS),
and this beast *is* commercially supported (if you buy its commercial
flavor) no matter it's based on "unsupported" tools.  The same applies
to MSVS 2013 for instance: they support Git out of the box--notice the
word "support".  It doesn't then really matter for you how exactly they
do that so long it's supported.  Isn't this the very idea of paying for
this support for the support's sake? -- you throw your money at someone
in exchange for not caring about the gory details of your software.
Do you get the idea now?

As to Stash...  I dunno.  If you're an enterprise you will most
certainly want maintaining a "reference" ("blessed") repositories for
all your projects--with access controls, code reviews, bugtracker
intergation and so on and so on, and for that you'll need a Git hosting
solution.  Yes, plain Git can be self-hosting or might be hosted
with the help of a web server or an SSH server, but you will have
zero integration with anything, and yes--no commercial support as well.
And Stash appears to be just that--a turn-key Git hosting solution.
And since you have invested in Atlassian projects, why not invest in
another, enjoying integration with the rest of their tools? (No, I'm
not affiliated with Atlassian in any way--I've just googled for

1. https://groups.google.com/d/msg/msysgit/phVulfbQnGM/JxELse0-HnUJ

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