On Thursday, February 27, 2014 8:12:26 AM UTC+1, HWSWMAN wrote:
> I have a directory ./MAIN/ with /A/ and /B/ under MAIN
> ./MAIN/
> ./MAIN/A/
> ./MAIN/B/
> A and B have their own repos ... i want to combine them so i have a repo 
> under MAIN, while keeping the history of A and B ... how can i do this?  i 
> use sourcetree if any specific help using sourcetree is possible .. 
> otherwise i am somewhat comfortable using command line git then opening 
> that in sourcetree later .. 
> any help is appreciated

This sounds like a job for git subtree. Here's an extended article on it: 

So, first you want to move A and B out of the way:

mv A ..
mv B ..

Now initialize MAIN into being a git repository:
git init

Now, add A and B as subtrees:

git subtree add --prefix A ../A master
git subtree add --prefix B ../B master
Job done!

Note that if you don't have the git subtree command in your Git 
installation, see the above mentioned blogpost for instructions on how to 
get it working.

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