On Thu, 27 Feb 2014 13:41:21 -0800 (PST)
Jirong Hu <jirong...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I setup smart http following this URL: 
> http://www.parallelsymmetry.com/howto/git.jsp
> When I try to push from a Window client to the GIT Linux server, I
> got this error:  error: insufficient permission for adding an object
> to repository database ./objectse
> The question is how shall I setup the permission for the repository
> at: /opt/git/simple.git. My users are in domain group "ccusers", and
> the web server is running under a local user "apache:apache" by
> default. I want to be able to access the repository by both ssh (for
> developers) and http (for build).

What are current permissions on /opt/git/simple.git ?
I mean, what `stat /opt/git/simple.git` or `ls -ld /opt/git/simple.git`

I'm afraid you might have hard time implementing this "as is" because
both the user "apache" and group "apache" are assumed by Apache after
it starts up (it starts up as root) and so I think merely adding the
user "apache" to the "ccusers" group won't fix this for you.

What you can do:
* Use something like suexec or mod-itk to make Git CGI app run with
  permissions different from those of the web server itself.
* Use POSIX ACLs on your Git repos for more fine-grained control
  over who can access it.  This way, you could have two ore more
  "owner groups" defined for a directory.
* Have another Apache (or some other webserver) run with a different
  configuration file which makes it use another user and group and
  listen on a different port.
  As a corollary to this, you might have some specialized web server
  which is only configured to run Git, with appropriate credentials,
  and reverse-proxy requests coming to Git repos to that instance.

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