I am doing a clone from https://github.com/tcltk/tcl and trying to create a 
changelog file from the git history.

When doing:
># git log a45650c^..0fb4a39 --pretty="format:%h" --reverse > test.txt
I get 10140 lines of commits.

When doing
># git log 021bae7^..0fb4a39 --pretty="format:%h" --reverse > test2.txt
I get 10123 lines of commits.

1) When examing the file test.txt the commit hash 021bbae7 is only one 
commit from a45650 away. So the commit line number should only differ by 
one, not 17 commits.
2) Both files should start with the <since> commit which they don't.

Do not believe me? Take the hash 16942a5 from line 10000 from file test.txt.
16942a5 is from 14/08/2013
Do a git log:
># git log 16942a5^..0fb4a39 --pretty="format:%h" --reverse > test3.txt
You will get a file with 143 lines starting from hash 33fcae3. But in file 
test.txt the hash 33fcae3 is line 9921. So there are 79 commits missing!?
33fcae3 is from 15/07/2013

When looking into file test.txt, after 33fcae3 there comes e45e1d4. But 
this commit is missing in file test3.txt

It is confusing but I hope I got it explained.


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