I thought I understood this pretty well until I dug into chapter 4 and 
running a GIT server.

We were looking at taking a approach like this:

We want a master repo, located on a server and sitting on NAS storage. eg: 

Each developer will have their own directory under /GITREPO, for example:


We don't work on the same files and don't need to worry about merging, 

I then envisioned each person pulling down a local copy to wherever they 
prefer to work from. This might be a backup server, a storage admin server, 
their local workstation, etc... I then envisioned them committing their 
changes back to the "master repo". So the server holds the "master" copy of 

Am I going about this wrong? Chapter 4 left me a little confused by 
mentioning the server only holds a "bare metal" copy of your project, 
basically the .git directory.

Thx for any info,

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