On Wed, 19 Mar 2014 14:04:15 -0700 (PDT)
Bruce Hart <bhart...@gmail.com> wrote:

> in an enviroment with a central repo and then a bunch of clone repos
> it is important that all machines involved be running the same
> version of git?

No, it's not important.  Git wire protocol is rather stable so you're
sort of [*] guaranteed that at any two versions of Git belonging
to the same major release (1.x) will interoperate OK.  And I'm quite
positive that 2.x will happily interoperate with 1.x.

If you're afraid because of hassles involved with repo versions in
Bazaar, Git works differently, and it in, repo format is distinct from
wire protocol (which is only concerned with SHA-1 names of repo objects
and their relations).

You *might* have troubles accessing *the same* repo with different
versions of Git -- say, when the repo is located on a network
filesystem; even more so, if this is a non-bare repo.  This is because
newer versions of Git might add new configuration options or interpret
the defaults differently (only true between major versions, like 1.x ->
2.x) or have different format of the index file etc.

So while each version of Git works with its own local repository you
should be fine.

[*] Of course, there might be bugs which break this promise but I've not
    heard of such yet.

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