On Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 10:55 AM, Senjin Dragon
<senjin.the.dra...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Let me sketch out what I'm trying to do. I'm not sure if I can use git for
> this or not. I think I can but I'm getting headaches going through the
> documentation and experimenting. It's all a bit confusing to me.
> I run a minecraft game server and associated client on my machine and a
> friends machine who's computer-illiterate. I'm quite actively maintaining
> this server by updating the various mods and configuration files that go
> with it. These files also have to end up on the clients. On my own machine I
> can simply copy it over, rename and delete the files. But it would be really
> nice if I can do this on my friends pc as well. That he starts the game, it
> checks for updates/changes, downloads and overwrites the existing files.
> Doing the renames, deletes and updates for me.

Theres an upcoming bunch of git-using tools with this (kind of) intent:
mr, myrepos, etckeeper, vcsh.

The mailing list where all these are discussed is here

Im an ignoramus who mostly lurks there (as here!) so dont ask me more!



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