From: "Dale R. Worley" <>
From: "Philip Oakley" <>

Wild thoughts / just guessing :
Any sub-modules in your repo?

Could be an accidental circular reference (within the various
.gitmodules files)

No, I'm definitely not using submodules.

Could be a symlink somewhere creating a circular ref.

Unfortunately, it was set off by a cron job, and I have cron jobs
doing Git archiving of large parts of my file system, and there are
certainly circular symlinks hidden in various places.

Definately worth looking then ;-)

What I'm really wondering is What can cause "git status" to start a
subprocess?  I would expect for efficiency's sake, only very rare
circumstances would cause that.  And knowing that, it would probably
make it easier to guess what the underlying cause is.

I started looking at/for the code, expecting a git-status.c file of something. Eventually found it as the function cmd_status referenced in git.c
Line 437:   { "status", cmd_status, RUN_SETUP | NEED_WORK_TREE },

which is then in builtin\commit.c (not where I'd expect it)
Line 1243: int cmd_status(int argc, const char **argv, const char *prefix)

It's only 81 lines long including the options structure so it can't be that hard to understand (though experience tells me otherwise ;-)


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