* Rodrigo Gularte Mérida [2014.03.26 12:25]:
>    [...]
>    gmol16:~ rjgularte$ cd giga/tgv/
>    gmol16:tgv rjgularte$ git merge ~/tgv/
>    merge: /Users/rjgularte/tgv/ - not something we can merge

You can't directly merge directories that way. If
you want your repositories to know about each
other, you need to make that explicit.

So let's say we call your local repo 'local-tgv'
and your remote repo 'remote-tgv'. If you want to
pull changes from remote-tgv into local-tgv, you
need to first tell git:

~/tgv $ cd ~/tgv
~/tgv $ git remote add remote-tgv ~/giga/tgv

Now that it has a name, you can fetch the content
of remote-tgv:

~/tgv $ git fetch remote-tgv

Now you should be able to see the branches in
remote-tgv while in local-tgv by typing:

~/tgv $ git branch -a
* master

(I'm assuming the branch in local-tgv and
remote-tgv are both named 'master'. It's the
default branch name.)

And finally you can merge. 

~/tgv $ git merge remote-tgv/master


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