I know that git makes its own directories and files. Even after lots of 
reading and trials, I don't know if a git clone will make a new Windows 
directory (equivalent of a right click on a folder/directory and then New 
Folder) when it makes a git directory.

I want to make a new directory in my Apache htdocs directory, so Apache can 
web serve it.  If I have the GitBash prompt at C:/my/path/apache2/htdocs 
and git sees it as 'empty' and I then use the git command

git clone git://github.com/angular-seed.git newProject

will git create a new Windows folder/directory named newProject under 
htdocs, put the contents of angular-seed in it, and name that directory 
newProject rather than angular-seed in Windows directory structure and in 
git?  If not, how do I clone angular-seed into a Windows folder named 

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