I need some guidance on how to import our existing SVN repo to Git. The 
structure of the repo is not exactly standard. Say we have 2 versions of 
our app in the repo, Version1, the currently shipping version and Version2, 
the next version in development. The SVN structure is like



There's actually more but this conveys the basic structure. I'm fine with 
not trying to migrate the entire repo with all the history and tags and 
releases. There's a lot of extraneous stuff like binary files and I think 
we'll be better off to start relatively clean. If possible I would like to 
import the working trunks/branches with history. So something like

/trunk/Version1 becomes the "master" branch
/trunk/Version2 becomes "Version2" branch
/branches/Version2_feature_branch1 becomes "Version2_feature_branch1"
/branches/Version1_some_branch becomes "Version1_some_branch"

Is there a way to do something like that?


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