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> Anyone have any suggestions for using git for multiple projects?
> The concept of git seems clear for one large project, but when your applets 
> are in multiple locations (departments vs server functions vs cloud-based 
> vendor integrations), it gets a little vague especially for people that use 
> it periodically.
> I used to simply ZIP each folder(collection of scripts/applets/programs), 
> move the ZIP file to a backup folder, then modify a file.  Works great but 
> I'm zipping ALL files instead of just the ones that changed.
> This works great for multiple projects, multiple storage locations, etc...
> Now it's time to put it all together:
> Multiple Storage Locations:
> Here is a typical setup (with a SUBSET of folders and projects)
> Notice the UNRELATED folders.  When I use GIT, it reports that they are 
> unmonitored - when is perfectly fine that they are, but disturbing that 
> they are listed as unmonitored, not to mention screen-cluttery...
> What "concepts" in git should be used to manage the different 
> server/department project folders/subfolders?  
> Branches are designed (as I understand it) to test code and maintain 
> versions.  But these are unrelated PROJECTS.
> Should I use a different GIT file for each server/department/vendor?
> Is there another "structure management" feature that I'm missing?

git submodules : http://www.git-scm.com/book/en/Git-Tools-Submodules
git subtree : 
git-repo : https://code.google.com/p/git-repo/
myrepos : http://myrepos.branchable.com/

There are numerous options, if I understand your question.


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