I've tracked down the problem I've been having with "git status"
spawning a subordinate "git status" which spawns a subordinate "git
status", etc.

As someone suggested, the root problem is that the "git status" sees
the repository *itself* as a submodule, and so the usual recursion
where "git status" incorporates the statuses of each included
submodule causes infinite recursion.

The reason for this recursive submodule situation is that the
repository is for capturing the state of a subset of the system's file
tree (specifically the directories /boot /etc /opt /srv /usr), so
core.worktree is /.

But an abetting reason is that while updates were directed to ignore
the repository directory itself (both through exclusion and that
git-add wasn't told to examine the parent directory), during some
early experimentation I had unintentionally added the repository's
parent directory to the repository itself, and I have a hard time
remembering that with Git, once something is added to a repository, it
has to be explicitly removed, exclusions do not remove the visibility
of things already in the cache or commits.

Once I did a "git rm -r" to remove record of the repository's parent
directory from the repository, "git status" started working correctly.


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