Like some other folks here, I am relatively new to git and am trying to 
figure out a good workflow for our development team, and appreciate any 
thoughts & suggestions.

We have several project teams that require to work in isolation on their 
respective branches. (a project here consists of a set of related 
features). These project branches may be created at different times and 
therefore may be created from different point on the master. At the time 
the project branches are created, we do not know the release note, nor 
which other projects may be released along with it. Builds occur from the 
individual project branches and code is tested in independent environments 
for each.

A month or two down the line, the management and business teams decide that 
some projects need to be released on a specific date and we then scramble 
to merge those projects together into an integration branch from where the 
build would occur and subsequently deployed to an integrated environment 
for further testing. Developers continue to modify code on their individual 
project branches and frequently merge to the integration branch.

                               x - x - x - x - x - x            <- 
"integration branch" branch
          x - x - x           / <- "project B" branch
         /                   /
x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x <- "master" branch
     \               \
      x - x - x       \ <- "project A" branch
                       x - x - x <- "project C" branch

An issue we frequently face is that a project may need to be pulled out of 
the release after it has already been merged into the integration branch 
several times. In our currently SCM tool, this is very painful. We normally 
resort to creating a new integration branch and merging the remaining 
project branches to it, thereby requiring that developers re-resolve all 
the conflicts they had already resolved previously on the original 
integration branch, a task which is not only very painful but very time 
consuming as it is equivalent ot a big bang merge far into the project 
schedule, and often delays the project release due to all the additional 

Some things we have or are considering to help ease the pain:

   1. Implementing feature toggles - This is being discussed with the 
   development managers but the initial though is that it may be very tough to 
   implement with the way the code has been structured today. However, this is 
   still being pursued
   2. Use of the BPF workflow (See links below) and "git rerere" - This is 
   what I am leaning towards. However the workflow and the tools developed 
   assume that all feature/project branches that are part of a single release 
   & the integration branch for that release are all branched from the same 
   point on master, which is not the case in our environment

*Blogs/articles discussing the BPF (Branch-By-Feature) workflow*


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