On 04/09/14 20:30, Fabio Sobral wrote:

For instance, that commit I used on my example was actually made about 18 months ago on the so called developMajor branch. That's what we remember to have done, and in fact there were a few minor releases done meanwhile that do not contain this change. Iff you look at our authorative repository history it will say this particular commit, made 18 months ago and identified by a unique sha1-id was applied to many of our branches. However, if you check my co-workers local repository its history says this same commit with the same unique sha1-id was applied only to the developMajor branch.

My spontaneous reaction is that the tip of develop was moved to a later commit in developMajor at some point, or via a merge. It seems like finding the common ancestor could shed light on which commit develop was moved to, if that is the case, and work from there.

git show $(git merge-base developMajor develop)



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